July 19, 2010 Butterfly Diary Team

Travel Fashion Pick of the Week: KushyFoot Flats to Go

I’ve seen them everywhere: women in painful, toe-pinching heels. I’ve been the victim of looking fashionable and ended up hobbling like an old lady on her way to a chiropractic appointment. Yes, the idea of traveling with more than an inch-high set of heels does sound like a chapter out of the “Crazies.”

So when I my pair of KushyFoot “Flats to Go” arrived (a pair of shiny, faux-leather flats with massaging sole that literally eases your heel blisters and rough spots) in a clear shiny small plastic bag with a handle, my heart sang and my traveler head said “Alleluia.”

This pair of flats has an elastic back, is about as comfortable as a Snuggie, and is a wanderlust’s BFF. Each pack is only $8.99, so it’s got “value” written all over it. Unlike your podiatrist bill.

Get yours at Kushyfoot.com.