September 4, 2008 Butterfly Diary Team

The Plus Side of Fashion Week

Fashion Week is not for the size zero and sub zero mannequin wannabees anymore.One of my dearest friends, Sarah Conley, from the uber stylish blog be producing the first documentary called ?On the Plus Side: A Fuller Figured Fashion Week Experience,? where she will document (daily!) on what it means to go through the breezy tents at Bryant Park being a plus size woman.

This is a great and bold move by Sarah, and we applaud her for taking the initiative to voice her opinion and emotional corsets that every ?figure conscious? woman goes through.

Sarah has received tremendous support for this initiative, and her sponsors include Kipling, Amanda Jaron, Silhouettes, Old Navy, Lane Bryant, Kitten Couture, B & Lu, IGIGI, Bliss NY PR, NARS, Shiva Hair Care, Pro Silk Hair Appliances, Sun Sauce, Kathryn Kerrigan, Fig Leaves and Barefoot Tess.

Here?s a high five from Butterflydiary to Sarah for reminding women that everyone is beautiful. Cheers Sarah! We wish you a great and stylish voyage in Bryant Park this week!