July 13, 2010 Butterfly Diary Team

The Battle against Second Day Hair: Jonathan Product Green Routine Dry Shampoo

Ever feel major jealousy for a friend whose hair never seems to get dirty? While some people seem to get by without washing their hair for days on end, the majority of us know second-day hair means a little less oomph. A bottle of Johnson?s Baby Powder is a great oil absorber, and many celeb hairstylists advocate sprinkling it on roots to combat grease. But as a proud brunette, a little too much baby powder can leave me looking a bit?elderly. ? ? ? So in lieu of sporting orthopedic shoes and a walker, I tested Green Routine Dry Shampoo. Green Routine understands our struggle to preserve a blow out. Their easy to apply tube just takes a few taps and a quick brushing along the hair?s roots. Available in blond, brown and black, the light and fragrant powder blends with your natural hair color, saving you from the hassle of shampooing all over again.? It?s also 100% vegan, and a great alternative to the harsh chemicals of aerosol-based dry shampoos. And in my opinion, anything that allows an extra half hour of sleep in the morning is worth the money. ? Green Routine Dry Shampoo retails for $19.00. For more information, visit www.jonathanproduct.com. – Megan Sarah Johnson