July 26, 2010 Butterfly Diary Team

Sprayology: Homeopathic Relief for Hangovers, Stress, Acne and You Name It

We’ve all been there: hung over, not a drop of water in sight and completely as parched as the Atacama Desert. But I’ve rarely had the presence of mind to do anything else except guzzle down some water. If that.

Being a vegan, I realize that too much alcohol, lean body weight and a stomach full of salad don’t often mix. In fact, this is a solid recipe for disaster.

A long time ago, I used to faithfully take Centrum Tablets (multivitamins) as though they were a religion. Multivitamins were my church, and I attended mass each day. But in this age of ADHD, multitasking, testing too many beauty products and far more events in your Filofax than would make even a socialite tear her hair out, the multivitamin? is probably the last thing I remember.

The Sprayology system is an absolute fresh and healing way to solve pretty much any beauty problem you may have. This safe and highly effective line of natural and homeopathic sprays come with one mission: to promote internal well being. In an age of external beauty, we often forget to look within.

All you have to do is spray on the mouth and under the tongue and the substances are ingested into the stomach. These bypass the stomach and digestive tract and avoid the metabolic processes that typically squelch the efficacy of standard capsules and tablets. Pretty sneaky, eh?

There are 20 homeopathic sprays, one for pretty much ANY of your needs from acne, to brain power, body building, party relief and stress relief.

Case in point: I was as stressed out last week, and I sprayed a tiny bit of the stress relief spray under my tongue and the valerian root instantly calmed me. It was so incredible that I almost started doing cartwheels a la Betsey Johnson.

The sprays are pretty well priced, around $24. Seriously, what’s not to love about this invention? We say, genius award and spray away.