July 25, 2012 Butterfly Diary Team

My Three Favorite Value Day Spas in New York City

If you’re a New Yorker with a standard 9-5 (or a travel blogger who’s a wee bit weary of carrying a backpack around the world), you’ll appreciate the art of the spa. In a city with over three million people, you’d expect that most of them could use some TLC when if comes to their bodies. After all, with the crazy traffic, the pedestrians who walk at the “ogling” speed, and police car sirens you’d be hard pressed to be relaxed.

The pressure is “on” for so many that the spa seems like an ideal escape. Here are three spas I love for their value and service.


Oasis Day Spa Aromatherapy Massage

My first brush with this day spa was more than eight years ago, and I haven’t stopped going back. The spa has three locations in New York City and each one is nice and cozy?a bit like a bed and breakfast! In fact, that’s the reason I keep going back to Oasis: the prices are just right (around $125 for a 60 minute deep tissue massage), the menu is relatively stable with creative seasonal offerings (I recently had a delicious cool stone massage that was perfect for the summer?instead of hot stones they use cool ones; you’ll feel as though you sipped some Starbucks Refreshers!).

The massage therapists are excellent and very friendly, and you won’t feel as though you’re in a stuffy environment. It’s a truly unbeatable value spa. The spa is currently having a semi-annual sale too.

What to get: The deep tissue massage is excellent, as is the acupuncture treatment. Also, try the hot/cool stone massage if you’re feeling more creative.


Red Door Spas Fifth Avenue New Flagship


Red Door Spas Fifth Avenue New Flagship Ladies Room

Ladies Room

The flagship store and spa on Fifth Avenue just relocated to a new location, 663 Fifth Avenue?the former home of Cornelia Day Spa. Forget the beautifully outfitted halls and posh interiors and massage talent (these all exist): the highlight of this spa is the magnificent outdoor penthouse terrace. It occupies two full floors of the Ferragamo building, and visiting the Spa will take your mind off pretty much everything from your financial records to the kitchen sink.

The prices, believe it or not, won’t break the bank, plus you can relax and get your hair and nails done at the flagship too. Indulge in treats from the Spa Cafe, while you’re here.

What to get: Opt for a starter 60 minute massage. Najla, a massage therapist, does great work.


From core fusion to yoga, Exhale Spa serves top notch facilities, instructors and massage therapists under one zen roof. With various locations in New York City, from Meatpacking to SoHo, it’s hard not to find an Exhale Spa near you. What I really enjoy about Exhale is the peace and quiet: there is a hush in its locker rooms, and the entire process never seems rushed. As for the prices, they’re very reasonable: a 60 minute massage is $145, and an entire day of restoration which includes a 60 minute True Facial, 60 minute Fusion Massage, a Pure Manicure and Pure Pedicure is a heavenly $310.

What to get: You can mix and match yoga, pilates and core fusion classes with your massage?that’s what sets Exhale apart. A yoga class is relatively inexpensive (a single class is $26), so why not bundle both during your visit to truly relax?