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My Definition of a Travel Paradise: In Honor of FriFotos

Everyone has their definition of Paradise. My travels have resulted in colorful journeys all over the world, from my favorite island (Aruba) to South Africa and Macau. Of course, not all journeys are created equal: Paradise is so personal.

For me, Paradise is not necessarily all the glitz and glam. Sure, I?m impressed just as the girl next door is, with marble lobbies and swank hotel rooms with a nice tea service, but Paradise is about finding a place that makes you comfortable.

It?s like finding that perfect relationship where you can actually be yourself. No need vacillate personalities like Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria or Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire. Come as you are.

In that vein, I do think my personal paradise has to be Aruba. Many of you know and have read about my experiences on that island and those marvelous sunsets and Bonbini moments. It?s not an island that has an insane variety of activities, but the beaches are spectacular and there is that Dutch hospitality that always puts me at ease each time I visit. Also, I really love its small size. It’s also so close to New York City (a mere 4.5 hours by plane) that you can escape to an island that’s a hop, skip and a jump away from South America in no time.

The people in Aruba are very laid back too: they really know how to appreciate the quality of life. In this aspect, it’s a very European island. But that’s my personal Paradise?I want an oasis with a beach, history, good food and a warm and welcoming attitude. I don’t really need the marble lobbies (although I’ve stayed in many sweet places on the island too) because in the end, a welcoming attitude is priceless.

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