April 1, 2012 Butterfly Diary Team

My BIG News! (And Why I?ll Still Be Traveling)

I’m sure many of you know this through the grapevine already but people have been asking me to break the announcement officially on my blog, and to post pictures. So I’ll come right out and say it: I’m expecting a bundle of joy soon!

After many years of debating whether I should or not, I decided that the next step in the cards for me was to become a mom, and I am so thrilled!

Big Bundle of Joy News

As to answers to some of the questions you’ve been asking me:

How Far Along Am I?

Well, I’m entering my third trimester soon, and guess what? The baby seems to be sort of a Cirque du Soleil kid, kicking every chance it can. But rest assured, I hear it’s very healthy and happy so Matthew and I are thrilled.

Do We Know the Gender?

Yes, we’re having a GIRL!

What Is My Due Date?

Well, officially it’s July 3rd. I am so thrilled it’s a summer baby but I’m REALLY hoping it’s not a Fourth of July baby because I know it will be quite a mad rush to go to the hospital when people are assembled watching the fireworks! Plus, I really don’t want my kid to share a birthday with another major occasion, but who knows? It’s not in my hands!

Will I Still Travel With the Baby?

You can bet your bottom dollar on it! I have many trips planned even before I reach the 32nd week mark (which is when my doctor tells me I should “cease and desist”) but I plan to take the young ‘un everywhere!

I think in this modern day and age, it’s hard to expect moms to sit still with the baby especially if you have a dose of restless legs like me. That said, I’m excited to see where the little one will want to go!

Drop me a line if you have a kid and are a traveler! In any case, I’d love to hear from you!



Photos: Matthew Minucci