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Most Extravagant Spa Treatments from around the World

Affordable Luxury Banyan Tree Macau Most Extragavant Spa Treatments from Around the World

Published on May 12th, 2013 | by Charu Suri

6 Most Extravagant Spa Treatments from around the World

Spa treatments are some of the greatest pleasures you can give any mom, but here are a few that go above and beyond in the element of surprise. While we?re definitely not advocating plunking down some of your mortgage money on these (for mom, it?s the thought that counts), it?s hard not to gawk at what some of the spa enthusiasts around the world are enjoying these days. Here are some that have stood our from our travels.

Banyan Tree Macau Most Extragavant Spa Treatments from Around the World

Photo courtesy of the Banyan Tree Spa, Macau

Texas Winemaker?s Massage

At the San Antonio Spa at Westin La Cantera Resort, there?s a Texas Winemaker?s Massage that gives you an aromatherapy experience (think pure essential oils that you can choose) and ends with a glass of locally-sourced wine from Texas? Hill Country. Opt for a spicy Viognier or even a glass of Malbec as a full-bodied, balanced end to your treatment as you reap the benefits of complete relaxation after long, flowing strokes upon your spine. I loved my Winemaker?s massage because the treatment itself put me in a complete state of meditative relaxation, and the wine on top of everything else (enjoyed in La Cantera?s lounge) was enough to render me into a state of pure bliss. The spa also has an agave nectar manicure, which drenches your digits in natural exfoliants.

Mimosa Combination Skin Facial

Cocktails on your face? Why not. The Retreat Salon in New Orleans offers dry, dehydrated and sensitive skins a sparkling facial with citrus-inspired products that aim to brighten, clarify, and restore the skin?s natural PH levels.

Banyan Tree Macacu?s ?Royal Banyan? Signature Treatment

At the Banyan Tree Spa, Macau, expect a villa-style treatment room, and an arcade of forest-thick bamboos to greet you as you walk in. Situated on the vibrant Cotai Strip, the Spa offers the Sanctuary for the Senses experience and classic packages from the Royal Banyan to the Hot Stones massages. The Royal Banyan gives you the signature herbal pouch massage which is dipped in warm sesame oil, and is a fusion of Eastern techniques with Western administration. It also includes an Orange Ginger Scrub, a Chinese Foot Massage and an Empress Bath after which tea will be served.

The Evian Bath at Spa V

Miami?s Hotel Victor clearly thinks that price is never an object when it comes to suites and spa treatments. The $6,000 per night Penthouse suite is in itself an indulgence (it?s certainly not ?affordable? luxury) and the Evian Bath is available to guests of the penthouse only. The treatment is curated by the ?Spa V? team and consists of 1,000 bottles of Evian water dumped in an 350 gallon infinity tub and geared to purify the senses. The experience doesn?t stop short at pricey water, of course. It includes the finer indulgences including champagne, foie gras, a platter of chocolates and ?smoked salmon lollipops.? That?s what we call a fine soak.


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