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Luxury Yachts, SUP Lessons and Reality TV at the Norwalk Boat Show

Affordable Luxury Norwalk Boat Show 2013 Queen of the Show

Published on September 21st, 2013 | by Charu Suri

2 Luxury Yachts, SUP Lessons and Reality TV at the Norwalk Boat Show

The day was as clear as a bell. A brilliant tail end of summer sun shone above me, and I was excited at attending the Progressive Insurance Norwalk Boat Show in Connecticut, which opens its doors to the public 19th to the 22nd of September.

Not a sailor by any stretch of the imagination, I was curious to see what a boat show would entail. Like the Jacob Javits famous Auto Show, the Norwalk Boat Show is an ideal places for novice buyers to veteran collectors, and boat lovers. And yes, it?s great for kids as well.

The Norwalk Boat Show is considered the East Coast?s most popular boat show, and it is inexpensive: it?s only $15 per adult, and children under 15 attend free. It?s a fun way for an entire family to spend a day by the water: you?ll see everything from Henriques Yachts? 42 foot Maine Coaster Charter to small yachts to those with over the top, small boats to family size boats, small and large sailboats, small yachts and over the top luxury yachts you will see it all at this boat show.

If you?re frazzled, relax and unwind at The Water Club Lounge which is a tented area open to all visitors who want to chill and enjoy a beverage on the water. For water sports junkies, Try It Cove gives visitors the chance to find out firsthand why paddle sports are all the rage, with a variety of complimentary daily opportunities to get on the water including Stand Up Paddling, SUP yoga and kayaking presented by Down Under. If you?re a fan of the TV show The Deadliest Catch, here?s a chance to meet Johnathan Hillstrand, co-captain of The Time Bandit fishing vessel featured on the Discovery Channel?s top rated reality show. He?ll be in attendance to meet and greet fans as well as give the children a sneak peek at his new series of children?s books.

Norwalk Boat Show 2013

Norwalk Boat Show 2013 Queen of the Show

While I?ve sailed a few boats in my lifetime, I was beguiled by the largest and most beautiful boat at the entire Norwalk Boat Show. The Queen of the Show, The Benetti 90 Delfino is a sprawling 93 foot motor yacht with five staterooms, spacious indoor and outdoor salons, bathrooms in each stateroom, a Jacuzzi, disco ball, marble countertops and even a built-in outdoor grill. All this will only set you back a cool $9.6 million. Luckily, I had the chance to board this pretty thing, whose interior design, layout and opulent d?cor made it a floating mini mansion with a motor.

Sealegs is a boat that?s 007 worthy. A revolutionary boat that transforms from an all-terrain vehicle to an ocean power boat at the push of a button, Sealegs features three retractable all-wheel drive ?legs? that give the rider the freedom to land anywhere! I saw it in action and it was just like in the movies when the good guy chases the bad guy and the super boat turns into a car and chases the villain on land. The wheels came out smoothly and pretty quickly, large enough to run over branches, through mud and dirt and the transition to water was just as seamless.

Norwalk Boat Show 2013 Queen of the Show

Norwalk Boat Show 2013 Queen of the Show

The Miss GEICO offshore racing boat is a 50-ft. Victory catamaran made of carbon and kevlar. At approximately 11,000 pounds, she is pretty much a beluga whale but almost 1,500 pounds lighter than her predecessor and is equal in length. There?s even a green energy boat and boats that run from solar power only!

If you?re handy,?Fred?s Shed DIY Stage located in the special events hall has several hands on workshops covering boat and motor maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

If you?re interested in purchasing a new boat, there are boat buyer education advisors on site to assist those who may not know the ins and outs of buying a boat and the responsibility that comes with ownership. When owning a boat be wary of aquatic hitchhikers. There are many nuisance and invasive species. Nuisance and invasive species are animal, plant or microscopic organisms that can upset the food chain when trasported to a non-native body of water unknowingly by the owners. They attach themselves to your vessel as you ride along unaware.

Over the past ten years, invasive species like Zebra Mussels, Hydrilla Plants and Northern Snakeheads have all had devastating effects on waterways. Also, make sure to release live bait or fish back into the same body of water it came from. Before you head home from a ride out on the water?check out your boat and equipment, clothes, shoes and buckets. Clean off any mud, dirt or plant fragments. Always remove any standing water pools on your vessel. Unplug any drains and once you?ve docked get the water out of your boat in areas such as the motor, jet drives, hulls, tanks, waders, life jackets, wherever you find standing water.

Since the boat show is only this weekend, get your tickets and enjoy a gorgeous time at the water. Check out the website for attractions, information, classes, boat lists, seminars, and more.

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