March 29, 2010 Butterfly Diary Team

Lumene Time Freeze Instant Serum, Vitamin C Protecting Day Cream, Sensitive Touch Daily Moisture Cream Reviews

I once walked into the beauty department of a ?high-end? department store in China and saw Olay and Revlon sold in the beauty department behind a glass case. It always amazes me how brands can be so different depending on the country you?re in. Lumene is one of those brands that crosses over in that way. The Finnish brand is sold in department stores in Europe but you can find it at drugstores in the US. I always feel like I hit the jackpot when that happens ? like I just scored a pair of Miu Miu platforms at TJMaxx. So it was with great pleasure that I accepted the task of testing and reviewing Lumene.

Now I admit that I am usually a little wary of testing skin care. I am afraid of strange red spots and allergies to unknown substances. Especially since it seems my 30?s (unlike my acne-prone teens and 20?s) is my good skin decade. I did not want to upset the balance and clarity that my skin has been experiencing, but I sacrificed in the interest of research and beauty reporting, of course.

Lumene Vitamin C Day Cream

I started with the Lumene Vitamin C+ Protecting Day Cream SPF 15 a moisturizing cream for all skin types that uses Arctic cloudberry ? a small berry that has 2 times the vitamin C of an orange. Lumene products use ingredients grown in the Arctic. According to Lumene ? plants grown in the arctic become more powerful than plants grown in any other area of the world ? which makes the ingredients in Lumene products highly effective. $19.99

Lumene Sensitive Touch Cream

The Sensitive Touch Daily Moisture Cream was created to reduce redness and tightness and support the skin?s ability to protect itself against irritants. The formula was developed along with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation and is free of mineral oils, parabens, alcohol, silicones and fragrance. The cream uses Arctic Linen Seed -which has healing powers and helps to reduce redness. $19.99.

Time Freeze Instant Lift Serum

Time Freeze Instant Lift Serum uses another Arctic ingredient ? white peat ? a Lumene exclusive ingredient that helps skin to keep its youthful firmness. Another ingredient is Finnish heather ? an antioxidant that moisturizes skin and helps with skin pigmentation. White peat is delivered via nanoparticles, which help ingredients to preserve effectiveness while releasing ingredients in measured doses into the top layers of skin. $21.99

My impression of the Lumene products is that they are effective moisturizers with many innovative ingredients. There was no greasiness, even from the Lumene Vitamin C+ Protecting Day Cream SPF 15 ? which I fully expected due to the SPF. I didn?t notice any immediate changes on my skin but I don?t expect instant results with any skin care. What stood out for me was that I tried so many new products within days of each other and did not have one single breakout or allergic reaction. Not one single breakout. Effective ingredients and clear skin ? that?s a win-win situation.

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Catia Carvalho Trooskin