July 11, 2010 Butterfly Diary Team

Love Your Hair: Amika Thyself

I wandered into Amika’s product launch with nightmare hair.? In the name of looking good, I curled my hair every day for four days in a row, and ended up looking like I walked out of a Dorothea Lange photograph.? I sent out a silent prayer to the universe that I could get rid of this mop in a moderately painless way.? I asked, I received.? ? To remedy this, Amika, a hair care company, has debuted products and tools that work kindly on hair, without the specter of damage looming over each use.? Every smartly patterned heat styling tool uses 100% tourmaline, as opposed to the thin ceramic coating other brands use.? Even better, they make use of far infrared heat to style strands from the inside out.? Translated:? The tools do not fry hair and it takes less product to hold a style.? ? ? When your style does call for some product support, Amika has that covered too, with their line of products featuring sea buck-thorn berry (also known as obliphica) and argan oil for intense, frizz-blocking moisture.? Like the styling tools, the products come in brightly patterned bottles and jars to up the style factor of bathroom counters everywhere.? ? ? I tried to keep my mouth off the floor as I watched Amika’s stylists wield their stylers ?? the floating plates on the ‘flat’ irons make it possible to do so much more than merely straighten ? these tools can build volume and curl in the hands of a master.? ? ? I left the studio reasonably sure I could duplicate the results, but my conviction waned on the ride home.? Lucky for me (and everyone else in the world)? Amika has uploaded plenty of how-to videos on their website.? I’m afraid bad hair days have met their Waterloo. The styling tools retail for $110-400 and the products from $35-50 at www.loveamika.com. ? – Katharine McKenzie

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