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Lake Tahoe through Instagram (PHOTOS)

Featured Lake Tahoe Through Instagram

Published on August 13th, 2013 | by Charu Suri

8 Lake Tahoe through Instagram (PHOTOS)

Slivers of blue peek between the coniferous forest. Striated clouds patch a brilliantly blue sky. It seemed as though Mother Nature had outdone herself.

We had driven for over five hours from sea level metropolis to an altitude which made climbing difficult, but the views were making us hyperventilate.

Tahoe, in the Sierra Nevada, is one of the deepest lakes in the world and the second deepest lake in the United States with a maximum depth of 1,645 feet. The name Tahoe has several interpretations: some say it means ?Silver Lake? and that?s a romantic name I can get behind; yet others say it means ?grasshopper soup,? which is one of the dishes the Washoe Indians made when they settled on the edge of the lake. And, in some circles, Tahoe means ?Lake Edge.?

Whatever name you choose to remember Tahoe, the memories of a silvery blue lake will remain. During the summer, the smell of the ponderosa and vanilla pines are heavy and heady. As soon as our rented Nissan pulled up to our rented lodge on Fawn Lane, I noticed how the rustic lodge was smothered by pines. Inhale once and your stress melts away like ice. Inhale twice and you?ll never want to leave.

The pines are tall, about 150 feet high, and are more beautiful than any glassy skyscraper I?ve ever seen. The lake itself is like a mirage, dotted with boats that seem like glistening seagulls from a distance, and almost perfectly still in the middle.

It is hard to describe the beauty of Tahoe in words because it is so zen. The beaches are plentiful with tiny wakes and pebbled shores. There are plenty of kid-friendly parks and beautifully manicured gardens. Wildflowers thrive. Here is Lake Tahoe through the lens of Instagram.

?Lake Tahoe through Instagram

Lake Tahoe as seen from Tahoe Vista at noon on a cloudy day

Lake Tahoe through Instagram

Emerald Bay and Fannette Island

Lake Tahoe through Instagram

Wildflowers are everywhere!?? Lake Tahoe through Instagram  at Sunrise

Lake Tahoe at Sunrise from Sands Harbor?

Lake Tahoe through Instagram

Erika playing on Kings Beach, which is where a lot of the parasailing/ kayaking action is

Lake Tahoe through Instagram

A teepee in the woods in Tahoe City, which makes you realize how strong the American Indian legacy is here

Lake Tahoe through Instagram Alpine Meadow Hike

An Alpine Meadows hike in Nevada


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