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Frost Ice Bar Opens in Boston

Affordable Luxury Frost Ice Bar Boston

Published on September 10th, 2013 | by Charu Suri

11 Frost Ice Bar Opens in Boston

A large Andy Warhol-esque picture of JFK hangs on the ice wall in one corner of the room. Slabs twinkle among the white and blue lights in kaleidoscopic fashion. It is September but everything is frozen.

Boston?s new Frost Ice Bar is not like the Ice Hotel, which melts and undergoes a Lazarus-like resurrection process every year. Rather, the new bar which recently opened in Boston?s popular Faneuil Hall,? keeps everything comfortably chill at?21 degrees Fahrenheit. The interior design is hand-carved ice including the walls, bar, furniture, and the drinking glasses. The translucent walls make the kaleidoscope of colors ricochet and become a constant myriad of changing colors which dazzle patrons as they sip. As with many ice bars around the world, shades of blue and violet pervade.

Frost Ice Bar Boston

Frost Ice Bar Boston

Frost Ice Bar Boston

All images courtesy of Frost Ice Bar?

The interior is essentially one huge freezer, and the bar is long, seating up to 75 people at once. There are also tables with seating for four or more. If your hands are colder than a polar bear?s nose, the Ice bar will provide insulated capes and gloves for you during your visit.

The drinks are creative and inspired, and the most-ordered version is The Old North Ender, a tribute to Boston?s Italian community, and made with Reyka Vodka, Lemon Sorbet, Westport Rivers Sparkling Wine, Pallini Limoncello. Like the Ice Hotel in Sweden, which invites designers from around the world to decorate its various rooms, the Frost Ice bar has sculptures and chandeliers. Heidi Bayley of the?Iceculture?family created the bar?s ?hanging ice? chandelier. You?ll notice quirky pieces of art at the Frost Bar, including an iced ship in a bottle and gorgeous pieces of plush fur bedding.

Expect to find plenty of cocktails that pay tribute to local history (the ?1912??is a?refreshing summer cocktail in honor of the Nation?s oldest ballpark and the beloved Sox, and made with?Crop Cucumber Vodka, Altar Chi, Ginger Liqueur and Ginger Beer): you?ll come out of the bar cultured, buzzed and pleasantly chilled at the same time.

Getting into the Frost Ice Bar is not as simple ?as waltzing to the door and marching up to the bar. You actually need to purchase a ticket here (typically $18 a pop) to just set foot in the door. Think of it as a very fancy cover charge to your local watering hole.

Frost Ice Bar

Faneuil Hall Marketplace
Boston, Massachusetts 02109
General Information: 617.307.7331
F: 617.307.7823 Share

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