August 21, 2008 Butterfly Diary Team

French Connection

There are some pieces that turn heads. Of course, some people also turn heads (Marilyn Manson, Madonna,?Dick Cheney etc.) but I mean??turning heads? in a good, Blake Lively-esque way.

The pieces from the French company On Aura Tout Vu are as interesting as they come (okay, let me rephrase that. Heidi Montag from The Hills is interesting ? well, she?s weird, but interesting. I could follow her all day with a handy cam and get my daily fix of humor because? she?s that interesting).

Back to On Aura Tout Vu. With plenty of hardware on their shoes, belts, caps, buckles, bags (all the grommets and brass zippers one could ask for!), there?s no piece that will fail to elicit some emotion from you. And did we mention that the hardware-rich collections serve as an alternative to your tool shed? If you need nails, just pull out a piece of your handbag. If you want a Phillips Head, reach down and get the heel from your shoe. Multi tasking is the next big thing in fashion.

The Noah?s Ark is a spectacularly blingy collection of brooches (all animals, insects, reptiles). Their bags make my eyes drool.

Check them out online at