September 5, 2008 Butterfly Diary Team

Fashion Week Celeb Spotter! Audrina Partridge at Maurice & Ilana


Well, well, well. I wasn?t expecting anything from the 6119 Maurice and Ilana Sunderland show at the Glass Houses on Sept. 4 evening.

I saw Lindsay Price from Lipstick Jungle there, and Audrina Partridge from The Hills! Imagine my excitement. I?m a huge fan of Lindsay. She is so unbelievably elegant, like an ethnic version of Audrey Hepburn, and she was wearing a red Peter Som dress with YSL heels.

?I got the invitation and heard about the designer,? she says. ?And it?s kind of research for me since I play someone who would be into this kind of thing on Lipstick Jungle. I like the beginnings of things. I?m excited for her (Ilana).?

Audrina looked gorgeous in a pale blue dress and Moschino shoes and Ippolita jewelry. When asked about her fave beauty products, she said ?I love Laura Mercier foundation primer, NARS blush in Orgasm and Smashbox-O lip gloss.?

Now, onto the show, which was spectacular, in a very Matrix minimalist way. Matrix because everyone looked cool wearing sharp sunglasses. Minimlist because silk solid figure-hugging dresses dictated the tone of the collection.

From the silk jersey amethyst dress with pleated charmeuse bodice and long sleeves to the men?s single breasted birdseye suit with double lapel and flat front trousers, the clothes were almost Issey Miyake in their minimalist, silkish touch but had the edginess of a Philippe Starck design. The men?s designs were solid, beautifully pure and preppie as a Gossip Girl episode.

If you?re going to a prep school black tie, this line is for you. Ladies, you need to have a stick thin figure to pull of the skin clinging silk dress (every flaw is visible).

I was particularly excited to see the celebs there of course. I have to say Lindsay Price is super beautiful, more beautiful in person than on TV. Audrina was giggling and talking to her gal pals the entire show. She was thinner than a rail, though. Does that girl ever eat? I wanted to hand her a plate of fries.

But they both made my evening. Like in a may-jah way!