July 20, 2010 Butterfly Diary Team

Crystalift Before You Jet Set: An Exfoliating System That Saves You Money

Microdermabrasion may be known for smoothing the skin of celebrities, but it?s also known for costing quite a pretty penny. So in lieu of expensive spa treatments that fetch over $200 a session, I decided to take the spa to my apartment. ? The Crystalift System, a small machine that looks more like a kitchen appliance than skincare product, functions like a small vacuum for your face. By moving this small tube that is connected to the machine over the face, the Crystalift sucks at the face while emitting a sandy mask that washes off after the treatment. The entire process takes about 10 minutes, and it isn?t painful at all. ? ? While I am a regular skin exfoliator, I am tirelessly attempting to find a way to clear my visibly clogged pores. While I hoped the Crystalift would immediately lift and unclear my pores, I realized this wasn?t too realistic of an undertaking. However after washing off the exfoliant, I was thrilled with the smooth texture of my skin. Lathering on my evening face cream felt cool and relaxing, as if I had just come from an expensive facial. My pores were still large, but the skin surrounding them was buffed and glistening. ? If you?re a regular spa-goer with a penchant for expensive facials, I would recommend splurging on the Crystalift System, which costs around $200. You?ll be able to capture the same glowing essence you feel after walking out of the spa, without emptying your wallet. However, if you aren?t a seasoned microdermabrasion fan, I?d suggest starting out by exfoliating with a heavier scrub like brown sugar before splurging on an expensive machine. ? For more information, visit www.crystalift.com. ? – Megan Sarah Johnson

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