May 5, 2012 Butterfly Diary Team

Cinco de Mayo 2012: Five Margarita Bars to Celebrate in New York City

It’s not the Mexican Independence Day (which is celebrated on September 16th), but Cinco de Mayo is well known because of the victory of the Mexicans over the French forces in Puebla in 1862.

New Yorkers, of course, celebrate the holiday with pride and a lot of margaritas. If you’re looking for popular bars and hangouts to celebrate this holiday in the city, here are a few you may want to try:

Cinco de Mayo, Mayahuel Cocktail Bar


Mayahuel, New York City

This Mexican restaurant prides itself on superior drink and a luxurious tequila with a “deep, smoky mezcal.” Their margaritas are legendary, thanks to mixologist Philip Ward’s supervision. The restaurant is located on a rather boisterous in the East Village, perfect for people watching. 304 East 6th Street, New York, NY 10005. Phone: 212 253 5888. There are no reservations, so go early but be prepared to wait.

Rosa Mexicano

The chain has several restaurants in Manhattan, and just for Cinco de Mayo they’re debuting the Skinny Margarita which is made with Organic Silver Tequila and Organic Agave. Of course the classics La Cl?sica and La ?nica are still on the menu, as is their popular classic, the Frozen Pomegranate Margarita.

Dos Caminos

Another chain with locations sprinkled throughout New York City, Dos Caminos is a place I keep coming back to because of its fresh guacamole. It can be pricey, so be warned. New on the menu for Cinco de Mayo are “inspired cocktails” but the restaurant was too busy to disclose what they precisely were.

Mamajuana Cafe

This multi-location margarita establishment offers seriously good margaritas for a mere $6, including their famed Margarita on the Rocks and Mamajuana Mojito. Call (212) 362-1514 for reservations.


Creme takes the Margarita to another level, with its oddly unexpected flavorings to the classic. So, think Pineapple Jalape?o, Watermelon, Tamarind as garnishes to your standard “on the rocks.” There’s also a La Flaca (their version of Skinny Margarita at 103 calories) for the diet conscious.