March 30, 2010 Butterfly Diary Team

Chanel Particuliere Nail Lacquer Swatch

So I finally gave in. I tried to stand my ground. I tried to make the fiscally responsible decision. But after much deliberation and many failed attempts at duplicating it, I had to give in. What decision carried so much weight, you ask? Well, whether to plunk down the cash for a $23 bottle of Chanel Particuliere, of course.

$23 is more than reasonable for a blush, very inexpensive for a bronzer and just right for an eye shadow, but I try to keep my polish budget to OPI and Essie levels. Besides, I?ve never been a fan of Chanel?s nail polish formula. I have always found it runny and chip-prone. But after trying every ?close enough? shade (Hello! Essie ?Mink Muffs?, Sally Hansen Complete Manicure ?Commander in Chic? and even Shades by Barielle ?Putty On Me?) nothing compares to the original. The warm mushroom taupe shade has no duplicate. Believe me I tried! By the time I made up my mind to splurge ? Particuliere was sold out at Macy?s Herald and every other store I looked. So I ordered it online for all of its $23 (plus $7 for shipping) and it is so worth it.

I mean, ladies IT IS WORTH IT! The usual runny formula is so nice and thick. It applies evenly without streaks and dries incredibly shiny. And the color! Oh my, the color is fantastic! It?s a mix of taupe and mushroom and grey and makes all of the ?close enough? shades nowhere near ?close enough.? Now trust me, if you haven?t gotten your Particuliere yet, head on over to before it sells out.

Catia Carvalho Trooskin