The Best Transformational Travel Weekly Reads: November 5, 2012

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The Best Transformational Travel Weekly Reads: November 5, 2012

In this new weekly series, we examine some of the best travel writing on the web, and experiences that shaped the writers’ outlook.

Cover of New York Magazine Hurricane Sandy

The cover of this week’s New York Magazine

Notes on the Great Manhattan Blackout of 2012, by David Farley

Mother Nature punched New York City in the gut this week, and residents’ daily routines  –along with some of their houses- went belly up. In this deeply moving essay, Farley examines life in post-hurricane Sandy Manhattan, and what it means to really live in the dark.

Life in the East Village after the Hurricane Sandy Blackout, by Leslie Koch

If you want a taste of how it was living life during and post Hurricane Sandy (along with copious water-ridden Instagram shots), this is a great photo essay to read. In the name of journalism, Leslie and her husband Jake seek (and find) more adventure than they had bargained for.

 Why I Didn’t Want to Visit the Louvre Museum, by (Runaway) Juno Kim

In this funny essay, Juno Kim discovers that she is quite averse to the crowd shoving and general disorganization when it comes to visiting masterpieces at the famous Louvre Museum.

Journey to Skye, by Kristin Luna

A mother who overcomes her fear of bridges, and a scenic journey to the Isle of Skye makes this post so beautiful, memorable and truly transformational. Enjoy a family journey through the lens of one of travel writing’s most gifted story tellers.

 Communist Cuba: Seeing it For Ourselves, by Emily in Chile

If you’ve wanted to go to Cuba but have not been able to, read and enjoy Emily’s candid take on communist Cuba through narration and pictures.