Eco Friendly Travel Gear: What to Look For When You’re Buying Gadgets, Clothing and Travel Accessories

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Eco Friendly Travel Gear: What to Look For When You’re Buying Gadgets, Clothing and Travel Accessories

To shop for travel gear before embarking on a new adventure can be pretty exciting, but it’s also important to ensure that your new goodies aren’t going to harm the environment. Here are some things to keep an eye out for when you’re shopping.

Be mindful of waste

Tourism and travel can be detrimental to the environment and they can contribute to environmental degradation. One reason? Waste disposal. We’re boarding planes that burn a colossal amount of fuel and going on long road trips, and we don’t recycle often enough when we travel. So when you’re buying new gear and preparing for your trip, think of ways to minimize your “gadget waste.” For example, don’t buy gadgets that will consume two packets of batteries a day. If you’re in need of a torch or lights for a camping trip, buy solar powered ones. Avoid avoid taking heaps of plastic bags on your trip. Instead, take eco-friendly bags. Instead of buying plastic water bottles and not recycling them (due to lack of recycling facilities), buy an Aqua Safe Straw, which purifies tap water and removes bacteria.

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Preserving the environment: a priority we often forget while traveling. Photo credit: Butterflydiary

Know what your gear is made of

A lot of the time, the damage to the environment is done before you even buy or use something. Farmers of most of the commercially produced cotton used in clothes use pesticides that seriously harm the environment, polluting waterways, contaminating food sources and posing serious health threats to local wildlife. Look for clothes, bags or tents made from organic cotton. Wool is also a great alternative to cotton for clothing. Not only is it environmentally sustainable, but it’s much warmer that its cotton counterpart. Environmentally friendly materials are often quite expensive, and considering all you’re spending on your trip, these items might be a luxury you can’t afford. In this case, opt for used gear and recycled items and save some money in the process.

Some cool and helpful gadgets

Worrying for the environment should never be a chore, and these gadgets make saving the environment not only rewarding, but innovative and fun as well. Voltaic Systems solar bags are backpacks that recharge your handheld devices and laptops. Not only is this an environmentally friendly option, but quite convenient for when your phone dies on a long hike. The Hammock Bliss keeps you warm and safe from rain and mosquitoes. Not only this, but sleeping outdoors in the wilderness will help keep you away from electricity and reduce your ecological foot print. If you’re going on a road trip, keep in mind that older cars are far less fuel efficient than new cars. Perth to Broome is a magnificent drive along the west coast of Australia, as is the drive from Miami to California in the USA. By no means should you avoid these trips, but at least try to reduce your ecological footprint while traveling by following these helpful tips.

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