William Rast Fall 2009 Runway Fashion Week

Designed, DJ?ed and presented by none other than celeb Justin Timberlake, William Rast?s Fall 2009 married hard core Americana with elegant blazers, suits, embellished denim and studded denim jackets.

And, oh, yes, Jessica Biel?THE Jessica Biel, was in the front row cheering her man. Justin came out at the end of the show (sorry for the terrible pic!) along with designer William Rast and waved to the crowd.

Yigal Azrouel Fall 2009 Fashion Week Runway

The Fall 2009 collection by Yigal Azrouel is predominantly dark, with sparse and fleeting appearances of jewel tones in purple and red. Architecturally-inspired dresses with assymetrical sleeves; structured form-fitting above the knee dresses; shapeless poncho-inspired below the knee dresses; and an occasional touch of the chiffon feminine led to a very muted, sombre collection that is reminiscent of Phillipe Starck?s architecture.

As for the makeup it was predominantly dark eyes using liquid liner and pin-straight hair a la Ali McGraw.

Michelle Obama wears Jason Wu at Inaugural Ball

This day will be remember for its flair, history and fashion sense. Not talking about Obama?s black tie, peeps. Talking about the goddess-look alike Michelle Obama who dazzled in a mint green long dress suit by Cuban-born fashion designer Isabelle Toledo during the inauguration. She also wore J.Crew green gloves and pumps.

(source: Huffington Post)

Well, she looked like a page out of her wedding album at the gala in the evening, when she appeared in a one-strap, modestly-revealing Jason Wu gown. As stunning as a meteor with ten tails for sure! She?ll be Vogue cover girl sooner than Hillary takes her oath as Secretary of State.

(source: Huffington Post)

Lorick New York Dazzles at Fashion Week

I admit it?s inexcusable to flee for a vacation during Fashion Week. INEXCUSABLE .

But I needed it, dear readers.

The weight of constant grind was taking its toll on me and I felt as though a Sumo Wrestler was squeezing the air out of my pipes.

OK, enough self pity, but I?m back, and ready to recap some of the great Fashion Week shows, and more.

Lorick: what more can I say? She rocked the 1950s retro look at her star studded tableau during Fashion Week and it was the best party and presentation.

With skinny models placed strategically in front of enormous wedding cakes, the tableaux were ironic, but the clothes and setting were Great Gatsby mixed with Pleasantville.

Lorick earns so much acclaim from ?Gossip Girl? as the celebrated, fictional Eleanor Waldorf (who?s really Abigail Lorick).

The pictures speak a thousand words. I don?t want to waste more ink.

Fashion Week Celeb Spotter! Audrina Partridge at Maurice & Ilana


Well, well, well. I wasn?t expecting anything from the 6119 Maurice and Ilana Sunderland show at the Glass Houses on Sept. 4 evening.

I saw Lindsay Price from Lipstick Jungle there, and Audrina Partridge from The Hills! Imagine my excitement. I?m a huge fan of Lindsay. She is so unbelievably elegant, like an ethnic version of Audrey Hepburn, and she was wearing a red Peter Som dress with YSL heels.

?I got the invitation and heard about the designer,? she says. ?And it?s kind of research for me since I play someone who would be into this kind of thing on Lipstick Jungle. I like the beginnings of things. I?m excited for her (Ilana).?

Audrina looked gorgeous in a pale blue dress and Moschino shoes and Ippolita jewelry. When asked about her fave beauty products, she said ?I love Laura Mercier foundation primer, NARS blush in Orgasm and Smashbox-O lip gloss.?

Now, onto the show, which was spectacular, in a very Matrix minimalist way. Matrix because everyone looked cool wearing sharp sunglasses. Minimlist because silk solid figure-hugging dresses dictated the tone of the collection.

From the silk jersey amethyst dress with pleated charmeuse bodice and long sleeves to the men?s single breasted birdseye suit with double lapel and flat front trousers, the clothes were almost Issey Miyake in their minimalist, silkish touch but had the edginess of a Philippe Starck design. The men?s designs were solid, beautifully pure and preppie as a Gossip Girl episode.

If you?re going to a prep school black tie, this line is for you. Ladies, you need to have a stick thin figure to pull of the skin clinging silk dress (every flaw is visible).

I was particularly excited to see the celebs there of course. I have to say Lindsay Price is super beautiful, more beautiful in person than on TV. Audrina was giggling and talking to her gal pals the entire show. She was thinner than a rail, though. Does that girl ever eat? I wanted to hand her a plate of fries.

But they both made my evening. Like in a may-jah way!


Fashion Week: Burch Borges Spring 2009

?The Spring 2009 collection of Burch Borges was unveiled on Wednesday evening, September 3, 2008 at the Dactyl Gallery in SOHO. I went there expecting little but walked out surprised and very impressed.

Designer John Mollet was?inspired by the art of Jean August Ingres, the 17th century French artist. The painting Le Grande Odalisque uses different colors and textures, from earth tones to blues to olive greens. The collection is also inspired by the Mayan philosophies of 2012: hence we see (in extremely detailed men?s and women?s costumes) earth tones and beige, pool blue paired with dark blue, and one singular figure dressed in a transparent fiery red gown. She is the ?sacrifice? in ancient Mayan ritual.

Primarily a men?s collection with a few luxurious pieces for women, the Spring Summer 2009 wardrobe showcased a gamut of clothing: from jeans with beautiful jeweled grommets running down the side, to off the shoulder ruched dresses in dark earth tones. One of the most interesting pieces was a jacket made entirely of beautifully textured peacock features. ?It took two weeks to make that jacket,? Mollet says. ?It was hand sewn and each layer was done painstakingly, using Mayan techniques.?

Mollet is know for his bespoke work, and the level of granularity in his work ?from buttons strategically and symmetrically placed on shirts, to hand dyed snakeskin jackets? is evident. When asked why he chose to debut a women?s wear collection, Mollet said, ?Women loved my bespoke work and asked me if I would make pieces for them, so I decided to do both men and women?s wear this year.?

The pieces are casual but chic enough to wear to a cocktail party without being over the top like a Marchesa gown. Where can you buy his clothes? ?Currently, they?re available online,? he laughs. There is no doubt that his pieces will get scooped up by some savvy buyer in the future. Visit





The Plus Side of Fashion Week

Fashion Week is not for the size zero and sub zero mannequin wannabees anymore.One of my dearest friends, Sarah Conley, from the uber stylish blog be producing the first documentary called ?On the Plus Side: A Fuller Figured Fashion Week Experience,? where she will document (daily!) on what it means to go through the breezy tents at Bryant Park being a plus size woman.

This is a great and bold move by Sarah, and we applaud her for taking the initiative to voice her opinion and emotional corsets that every ?figure conscious? woman goes through.

Sarah has received tremendous support for this initiative, and her sponsors include Kipling, Amanda Jaron, Silhouettes, Old Navy, Lane Bryant, Kitten Couture, B & Lu, IGIGI, Bliss NY PR, NARS, Shiva Hair Care, Pro Silk Hair Appliances, Sun Sauce, Kathryn Kerrigan, Fig Leaves and Barefoot Tess.

Here?s a high five from Butterflydiary to Sarah for reminding women that everyone is beautiful. Cheers Sarah! We wish you a great and stylish voyage in Bryant Park this week!

Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives

There?s something you use practically everyday and completely forget about it. And it?s not your toothbrush.We?re talking about cotton, that two syllable fabric that?s meant more to our lives than the Beatles album or the Boston Sox? surprising World Cup Series victory.

To prove this point, Cotton Inc. has launched; where you can find neat stories on Fall Fashion trends, home d?cor tips, a cotton bridal gift guide and even fitness tips!

So check out the site and the next time you?re lying on Egyptian 1000-thread count cotton sheets, remember you could have been lying on some thorny, thistly fabric like jute or hemp and scratching yourself all over as you count those sheep.

French Connection

There are some pieces that turn heads. Of course, some people also turn heads (Marilyn Manson, Madonna,?Dick Cheney etc.) but I mean??turning heads? in a good, Blake Lively-esque way.

The pieces from the French company On Aura Tout Vu are as interesting as they come (okay, let me rephrase that. Heidi Montag from The Hills is interesting ? well, she?s weird, but interesting. I could follow her all day with a handy cam and get my daily fix of humor because? she?s that interesting).

Back to On Aura Tout Vu. With plenty of hardware on their shoes, belts, caps, buckles, bags (all the grommets and brass zippers one could ask for!), there?s no piece that will fail to elicit some emotion from you. And did we mention that the hardware-rich collections serve as an alternative to your tool shed? If you need nails, just pull out a piece of your handbag. If you want a Phillips Head, reach down and get the heel from your shoe. Multi tasking is the next big thing in fashion.

The Noah?s Ark is a spectacularly blingy collection of brooches (all animals, insects, reptiles). Their bags make my eyes drool.

Check them out online at

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