July 10, 2010 Butterfly Diary Team

Book Review: Kate Somerville?s ?Complexion Perfection?

Kate Somerville gave us beauty standards like ExfoliKate and Quench, so it really comes as no surprise that this guru of glow literally wrote the book on taking care of our skin.? Complexion Perfection!: Your Ultimate Guide to Beautiful Skin by Hollywood’s Leading Skin Health Expert ($27.50 at borders.com) doesn’t kid around when it comes to keeping your skin in great shape.? ? ? Somerville starts on a personal level by sharing her story and the path that lead her to make skin care her career.? After she wins the reader’s trust, Somerville jumps right in to the nitty-gritty of skin health, attacking it from every conceivable angle.? The first big instruction: Stop stressing!? A rough emotional life will wear on the skin like no other.? As for the physical world, her Skin Health Pyramid consists of five steps:? At the bottom, Protect,? is followed by Hydrate, Feed, Stimulate, and Detox.? Within each of these essential steps, Somerville stresses the need to carry them out both externally with topical treatments, but also internally, with nourishing food and supplements.? Even better, she provides the reader with a series of do-it-yourself treatments for glowing skin at home. ? After laying out the basics, she moves on to demystify clinical procedures, starting with fillers and moving on to Botox, lasers, and peels.? Her no-nonsense, no-judgment approach takes any remaining stigma and guesswork out of these office treatments. ? Perhaps most impressively of all, Somerville finishes with fifteen case studies of clients.? She lays out a complete regimen of at-home and in-office treatment and documents the improvements over a ten-week period with stunning before and after photos.? ? Throughout the entire book, Somerville never loses sight of the fact that the skin is the body’s largest visible organ.? Not only is it the shell by which the world views us, but it’s our bodies’ first line of defense, and as such, it deserves respect and care.? There’s nothing superficial about wanting to put your best face forward, and this weighty tome gives everyone with access to a bookstore the tools to do just that. ? – Katharine McKenzie ?