January 28, 2012 Butterfly Diary Team

Blogger Spotlight Series: An Interview with Runaway Juno

There’s no denying the infectious presence that Juno Kim (aka @RunawayJuno) has on Twitter. She is lively, fun and engaging. Her blog posts are vivid and extremely candid, and I find her to be very down to earth. We get to know her better in our Blogger Spotlight Series Q&A. ? Runaway Juno
Juno eating BBQ and onion rings in Virginia, USA ? Q: What were some of your favorite places to visit in 2011? Would you revisit? Why? ? Runaway Juno: Borneo, Malaysia and New England, USA. ? Yes I will revisit both. No matter how long we spend each country, if always felt short if you have the interests about the place. And Borneo Malaysia and USA were like that for me. ? Borneo is still a very wild place to travel, and all the surrounding nature fascinates me. Food is fantastic, and people are so laid back. I want to go jungle trekking and island hopping there. ? I went to a road trip to New England for 56 days during three months of my time in the US. Personally it was a very critical time for me, and it was a perfect place to be at the time. New England was great, especially New Hampshire and Vermont. Beautiful scenery, nice people, good food and the vibe, I really liked it. ? Runaway Juno Borneo Malaysia ? Kota Kinabalu, Borneo, Malaysia ? Q. What do you like best about blogging and being on Twitter?
? Communication. It?s a high quality communication we have through travel blogs and travel people on twitter. Twitter was highly underrated. I misjudged it as well. But the amount of information and communication totally surprised me. Ever since I got into the travel-society, it became really important part of my life. Some people would never understand how could I be ?friend? with these people who I?ve never met in person. But, we do. And when you finally meet them in person, it feels like meeting old friends.
Q.? What’s the one aspect about your job you love? Pet peeve? ? Flexible schedule and creativity. I can work anytime I want, and I can make my own schedule. It?s the biggest change from being mechanical engineer in a big firm to a self-employed blogger. Writing and photography simulate my creativity, everyday. I?m a creative person, and this is my chance to be creative as much as I want. Love it. ? But, the thing about the flexible schedule, since I?m not a morning person at-all, it?s hard to have a longer day. ?Ooops? can be the first word that I speak as soon as I woke up. Ooops!
Q. If you had $10,000 to spend for a trip, where would you go and what would you do with it? ? First, I will put money in the bank and think about where I want to go the most. There are so many places I want to go, still. Maybe, I will first think about Antarctica cruise, and will have some tropical-luxury holiday in Malibu. Then, I will think about what I want to do with the rest of the money while holding a glass of mojito. ? Q. Favorite travel books? Magazines? ? Geography of Bliss. ? When you are traveling, you want to read something simple and fun, but also worthwhile reading. Eric Weiner, the author of the book, traveled10 different countries to find the true meaning of happiness. Thailand, Qatar, Bhutan, and so on. He has very suitable voice for a simple and fun travel book and it was quite interesting to know how different the meaning of happiness in each country. Since ?finding the happiness? was the biggest subject in the last year, I felt a lot while reading this book. ? Smithsonian magazine. ? It?s not all about travel, but as a science geek, I like to read about the world of science when I?m on the road. I learn something everyday while I see something new everyday. ? Runaway Juno
New Hampshire ? Driving to the White Mountains ? Q. What do you never leave home without? ? iPhone, a book and a notepad. I?m not good at pack light-not a good quality for a backpacker, I tell ya. Even when I?m wandering around the city, I have to have a book and a notepad. Yes, there were many days that I didn?t even use them but it?s a comfort thing. ? Q. Have you ever taken a “blog-free” vacation? Would you? ? I always traveled with a laptop ever since I started my travel blog. In long-term travel, ?blog-free? is impossible but I?m trying to deliberately make ?computer-free-day? time to time in my travels. I can?t be totally free since blogging is my job, but it?s important to focus on enjoying travel itself. Sometimes it?s hard to control it but manageable. I?m trying! ? Thank you Juno! To be featured in the “Blogger Spotlight Series” please drop me a line at Charu AT Butterflydiary DOT COM. ?