March 1, 2012 Butterfly Diary Team

Blogger Spotlight Series: A Q&A with Will Peach of GapDaemon

This week?s Blogger Spotlight shines on Will Peach, who does a bit of everything. He represents the gap year travel blog of GapDaemon as assistant editor? and also has two blogs: one on Spain (My Spanish Adventure) and the other on the slightly saucier side of travel at TravelSexLife.


Q.Tell us a bit about your blog. Who is the target audience (if any) and?what prompted you to start travel writing?

Will Peach: Hey Charu! First off let me say thanks very much for having me and interrogating me with all these wonderful travel questions. You do know how I love a good bit of torture!

I guess I?ve always been doing travel writing ? ever since I finished University four years ago and found myself living in Vietnam. Back then I was a magazine writer, but that came more out of my lust to write as a career. The travel thing just kind of fell into place alongside that I guess!

Now I wouldn?t swap it even if you put a naked Scarlett Johansson in front?of me. But that would make me seriously consider.


Q. Which are a few of the places you’ve visited in 2011 you’ve loved and?would go back a second time?


2011 was an interesting year for me as it kicked off in Iceland (an amazing?place where I feel lucky to have so many friends) and ended up in Spain.

It was actually this year that I decided to leave my conventional life (and?9-5) and get back out on the road leading the life I do now. Since then?I?ve been in Seville, Caceres, Madrid, Granada, Malaga and more in Spain?and also Verona, Venice and Milan in Italy.

I?d love to go back to Italy in the summer and spent a few solid months?learning Italian. I?ve been trying to do the same with Spanish and have?found that I enjoy learning languages very much. Even though I always sound?like a robot with my horrible pronunciation.


Q. What do you like most about the travel blogging community? The least?

Being part of the travel blogging community is a massive laugh. There are?so many interesting and funny personalities out there that it?s always?great to get in touch over social media and things like that ? as well as?reading everyone else?s blog stories from around the world too!

Perhaps the thing I like most is the fact that there is a massive group of?young and laid-back bloggers that don?t take the whole thing too?particularly seriously.

The thing I dislike the most is that unfortunately there are some bloggers?out there who are a little too unwilling to help or offer support to?others. My dealing with these people has been somewhat limited though I?m?happy to report!


Q. If you had unlimited funds, where would you go to right now? What would?you do?

I would probably do a peninsula tour of South America and spend weeks at a?time in each place before moving on. It?s long been my dream to go there ??it?s a region that?s fascinated me for some time.

What else? Perhaps I?d feel more free to go and do some volunteering around?the world. I?d particularly like to get more involved with WWOOFING and?development projects around the world. Having unlimited funds would mean I?wouldn?t have to worry about running out of money and could give all my?time (and money) to helping others.

There?s nothing particularly extravagant I would want to do!

(Oh dear I?ve just realized I come cross a bit of a hippie there).


Q. Name three items you can never travel without and why?

I?m certain I could never travel without my MacBook or Kindle ? both?things I use on a daily basis and I could never be untethered from both.?They?re my world.

As for the third thing? I?m wracking my brain. I could survive without?clothes, I could survive without most luxuries, hmm. Perhaps I?d say my?framed picture of travel blogging sensation Matt Kepnes (aka Nomadic Matt)??That?s always a good object to travel with when one is feeling lonely and?in need of a cuddle.


Q. Favorite travel book you’ve read recently? (can be an article too).

I?m currently making my way through Rolf Potts? Vagabonding and wish it was?rather a bit more, well, interesting. In terms of practicality it?s great ??it?s just that not much of it is new to me and I was hoping for rather a?few more stories.

A great travel series I think everyone would enjoy is Colin Wright?s?never-ending travelogue series Exiles. Colin writes (or blogs rather) on a?subscription-based model and delivers a few new chapters on his wanderings?around the globe every two weeks. His book My Exile Lifestyle is a great?read too ? especially for young guys who find themselves in a similar?position across the globe.


Thanks, Will! If you’d like to be profiled in the Blogger Spotlight Series in the future, drop me a line at charu AT Butterflydiary DOT com.