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At Key Largo Chocolates, the Spotlight is on the Pie

Affordable Luxury Key Largo Chocolates Upper Florida Keys

Published on November 3rd, 2013 | by Charu Suri

8 At Key Largo Chocolates, the Spotlight is on the Pie

The plastic flamingos at the entrance of Key Largo Chocolates made it even more enticing for us to visit the store because, how much more ?Florida? could one get?

Not a sliver of a shop like many Manhattan-style stores I?ve seen (think two-bedroom, not studio), Key Largo Chocolates was impressive on many levels because of its various offerings. From the popular key lime truffles, to the frozen key lime pie-on-a-stick, there is something here for every picky candy lover.

Co-founders Bob and Kristie Thomas are chatters, in the best sense. When requested, Kristie eagerly showed us the back kitchen where her employees were making truffles, with the seriousness of Cake Boss. She also took the time to show me just key limes went into making her famous chocolate-covered key lime truffles each day (the answer is, an entire plastic bin of them).

Key Largo Chocolates Upper Florida Keys

The ?key lime pie-on-a-stick? is not an item you?d regret purchasing. These are sourced from Kermit?s Key Lime Shop in Key West.

Key Largo Chocolates Upper Florida Keys

The sprinkles are ?popular with kids? says Kristie

Key Largo Chocolates Upper Florida Keys

A lime-green toddler chair and free mini cones were a hit with Erika

Key Largo Chocolates Upper Florida Keys

The busy kitchen at the back of the store

The lime-green toddler chair was also a big hit with Erika, who slouched there with a freebie mini cone and refused to move. A store that takes special pains to put a toddler-friendly chair in the store is obviously thinking about kids, and I found out that the store also offers a Junior Chocolatier program, where kids are invited to learn more about candy-making in the kitchen. Adults receive a similar lesson but with a more grown-up name, A Night of Chocolate.

In the section devoted to ice-cream,? there are local and popular ice-cream flavors that will make you give up your weekly Ben & Jerry?s pint.

Linger awhile and savor cake balls in key lime, coconut, rum or brownie flavors. If you?re feeling charitable, send a wounded veteran one or half a pound of ?Bob?s Chippers,? which are chocolate-covered potato chips specially-priced at $8.50. My favorite, the key-lime truffle, is a big hit with practically everyone who comes to the store. These are filled with ganache and are smooth and they feel local; the tropical versions like the coconut and rum are a bit more exotic, but always a pleasant treat after a tough day.

But, as my husband rightly asked me, what exactly does a rough day in the Florida Keys mean?

Key Largo Chocolates

100470 Overseas Highway

Key Largo, Florida 33037

Ph: 305-453-6613


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