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Affordable Luxury Holiday Gifts For The Constant Traveler

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Published on December 12th, 2012 | by Charu Suri

0 Affordable Luxury Holiday Gifts For The Constant Traveler

As the saying goes, clothes make the man but gifts make the season. America takes gift giving to new heights each year, that I often sit back and watch as though some Olympic-like event were taking place. From video games to shoes, the wish list for Santa/Hanukkah/Festivus gets larger each year, but thankfully the gifts themselves get less expensive.

The holiday gifts have entered a phase I?d like to label the iPod phenomenon: more bang, less buck. Remember when the iPods themselves were so big they exceeded the size of your palm, whereas nowadays they are smaller than your wrist? Gifts too ?especially high tech ones?are shrinking but increasing in value. And many Americans are cutting back on lavish spending with the soft economy, so it makes sense to be especially picky when it comes to giving that nomad what he or she wants.

Affordable Luxury Holiday Gifts for the Constant Traveler

Here are some ideal gifts for the traveler who loves his or her affordable luxury items?because class never goes out of style. Best of all, they?re curated by celebrity stylist Robert Verdi, who really knows luxury inside out, so you can be assured you?re in great hands.

Lululemon ?Daily Om? Carryon Duffle: This black and white carry on bag offers just the right amount of roominess, and offers an intuitive internal series of pockets for gadgets and stuff, and there?s also a place to carry your yoga mat for your zen fix. It is just right for a set of clothes and toothbrush, just in case (God forbid) your checked luggage is delayed, but that stuff only happens in the movies, right? $128.

Marc Jacobs iPad Case: iPads never were quite so stylish as with a Marc Jacobs shield. A gray and neon green palette is both urban chic and strangely hipster at the same time, and we?re willing to bet that there?s no one on the planet who wouldn?t be proud to carry their iPad in this. An affordable luxury? We think so.

Lacoste Crocosubmarine Bright Beach Towel: There?s something innately charming and cheerful about crocodiles on bright terry cloth. This is certainly a good item to gift to the beach bum who is off on another glorious journey, be it Nice or Waikiki. Plus, did we mention that it?s just $42 and large enough for a picnic on the sand?

Nikon 1 J1 10MP Digital Camera with Interchangeable Lens: B&H may have cornered the market for all things camera, but Target is offering a stylish and affordable option this holiday season, with their new 1 J1 camera which has an auto focus lens, and full HD capability for photos and videos. The 10 megapixel camera has auto focus, fill in flash, red eye reduction and more and also gives you the options to change lenses to zoom. $399.99.

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Ralph Lauren Newbury Leather Passport Case: I absolutely love this passport case, which is sleek and chic in edamame green Newbury leather. It?s plush and truly functional for all travelers, with gold embossed letters on the cover and a brown woven cotton twill lining inside and areas to put your boarding pass as well as your IDs. A cool feature? It has international airport codes on the front. How special is that? $48.





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