Travel Fashion Pick of the Week: KushyFoot Flats to Go

I’ve seen them everywhere: women in painful, toe-pinching heels. I’ve been the victim of looking fashionable and ended up hobbling like an old lady on her way to a chiropractic appointment. Yes, the idea of traveling with more than an inch-high set of heels does sound like a chapter out of the “Crazies.”

So when I my pair of KushyFoot “Flats to Go” arrived (a pair of shiny, faux-leather flats with massaging sole that literally eases your heel blisters and rough spots) in a clear shiny small plastic bag with a handle, my heart sang and my traveler head said “Alleluia.”

This pair of flats has an elastic back, is about as comfortable as a Snuggie, and is a wanderlust’s BFF. Each pack is only $8.99, so it’s got “value” written all over it. Unlike your podiatrist bill.

Get yours at


The Perfect Arch: Brow Guru Ramy Woos the Masses

We’re thrilled with our “eyebrow intervention” from beauty guru Ramy, who shaped our formerly unruly brows to perfectly balance our face and lift our eyes. He even treated us to a one-minute makeover with products from his RAMY beauty therapy® product collection.   In the unlikely event you’ve never heard of Ramy, his work has been seen on fashion runways as well as on The Oprah Winfrey Show, E! Entertainment Television’s Fashion File and Entertainment Tonight. He’s been written up in the pages of every major fashion and beauty magazine from Vogue and Allure to Town & Country. As a lymphoma survivor, Ramy also finds time to work with cancer patients on makeup application techniques and has published a how-to book on the subject.     In his latest venture, Ramy is bringing his eyebrow magic to the masses through Ramy Brow Bars at select Duane Reade LOOK Boutique locations in Manhattan, including 51 West 51st Street at 6th Avenue; 1350 Broadway at 35th Street; and 127-137 8th Ave between 16th & 17th Streets. All staff members have been handpicked and trained by Ramy, so you’re guaranteed to have a good experience wherever you go. You can drop in for a no-appointment brow shaping ($30), get complimentary makeup consultation, and pick up a few brow grooming essentials such as a Ramy brow wand ($28), brow scissors ($18), or brush set ($75). Alternatively, you could opt for a brow shaping with Ramy himself ($75) and/or a makeup consultation at Ramy Spa on 39 E. 31 St. 
  Did we mention we’re in love with the RAMY beauty therapy® line, which incorporates Ramy’s “Minimum Makeup, Maximum Impact!” philosophy that makeup should be done in two minutes or less? As we said before, it only took Ramy a minute to apply his brow wand, skin brightener/concealer, lipstick and blush to our face and we were good to go. Suitable for any skin tone from the lightest to the darkest complexions, the multi-purpose product line is formulated with anti-oxidant vitamins, avocado oil and sunscreens. For more information about products and services, call Ramy Spa at 212-684-9500 or go to   – Jill Maynard

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The Battle against Second Day Hair: Jonathan Product Green Routine Dry Shampoo

Ever feel major jealousy for a friend whose hair never seems to get dirty? While some people seem to get by without washing their hair for days on end, the majority of us know second-day hair means a little less oomph. A bottle of Johnson’s Baby Powder is a great oil absorber, and many celeb hairstylists advocate sprinkling it on roots to combat grease. But as a proud brunette, a little too much baby powder can leave me looking a bit…elderly.       So in lieu of sporting orthopedic shoes and a walker, I tested Green Routine Dry Shampoo. Green Routine understands our struggle to preserve a blow out. Their easy to apply tube just takes a few taps and a quick brushing along the hair’s roots. Available in blond, brown and black, the light and fragrant powder blends with your natural hair color, saving you from the hassle of shampooing all over again.  It’s also 100% vegan, and a great alternative to the harsh chemicals of aerosol-based dry shampoos. And in my opinion, anything that allows an extra half hour of sleep in the morning is worth the money.   Green Routine Dry Shampoo retails for $19.00. For more information, visit – Megan Sarah Johnson


Beach Spritz: Liz Earle’s Botanical Essence Eau de Parfum No. 1

Liz Earle’s Botanical Essence Eau de Parfum No. 1 ( ) works like the perfect beach novel:  Frothy and light, it still manages to grab your attention right off the bat with jolt of bergamot, mandarin, orange birgarade, lemon, and cardamom. 

This citrusy opener gives way to an intricate middle section of rose absolute, lavendar, geranium, coriander, and nutmeg that keeps you thinking.  After much complexity, all this scent finally resolves to a satisfying conclusion of cedarwood, tonka bean absolute, vetiver, and patchouli. 

This cult favorite of Britain hit U.S. shores and stores on July 1st.  I always enjoyed endless hours of reading in the summer, and this scent effortlessly mimics my favorite warm-weather pasttime. 

Popularity: 1% [?]


Love Your Hair: Amika Thyself

I wandered into Amika’s product launch with nightmare hair.  In the name of looking good, I curled my hair every day for four days in a row, and ended up looking like I walked out of a Dorothea Lange photograph.  I sent out a silent prayer to the universe that I could get rid of this mop in a moderately painless way.  I asked, I received.    To remedy this, Amika, a hair care company, has debuted products and tools that work kindly on hair, without the specter of damage looming over each use.  Every smartly patterned heat styling tool uses 100% tourmaline, as opposed to the thin ceramic coating other brands use.  Even better, they make use of far infrared heat to style strands from the inside out.  Translated:  The tools do not fry hair and it takes less product to hold a style.      When your style does call for some product support, Amika has that covered too, with their line of products featuring sea buck-thorn berry (also known as obliphica) and argan oil for intense, frizz-blocking moisture.  Like the styling tools, the products come in brightly patterned bottles and jars to up the style factor of bathroom counters everywhere.      I tried to keep my mouth off the floor as I watched Amika’s stylists wield their stylers –  the floating plates on the ‘flat’ irons make it possible to do so much more than merely straighten – these tools can build volume and curl in the hands of a master.      I left the studio reasonably sure I could duplicate the results, but my conviction waned on the ride home.  Lucky for me (and everyone else in the world)  Amika has uploaded plenty of how-to videos on their website.  I’m afraid bad hair days have met their Waterloo. The styling tools retail for $110-400 and the products from $35-50 at   – Katharine McKenzie

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