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In honor of the newest limited edition collection from MAC Cosmetics, Cult of Cherry; Roselyn from Makeup Makes Me Happy does a gorgeous makeup tutorial, showing you how to achieve a fabulous look for this upcoming Fall season!.

Beauty Anonymous reviews YSL’s fall eye shadow palette.

Alison of the The Advice Sisters Guide to Life, Success & Happiness Blog thinks that Sue Devitt’s Bermuda Triangle is a Great Way to Banish Wrinkles!

Viva Woman discovers that baking soda really whitens her teeth!

Looking for a lipgloss that will stay put and last a long time? Then check out The Makeup Divas review on the Mac Lustre Twins.

Fabulous Over Forty discusses all week about her experience at the L’Oreal Color Space at the MN State Fair.

Monique at Beauty Girl Musings is surprised by a new fall lip color. Find out which one!

What are Jamie’s 3 must-haves? Find out at Girl-Woman-Beauty-Brains-Blog.

Crave for beautifully rejuvenated skin with absolutely no cost at all? Find out at Beauty Tyrant, she has whipped up askin rejuvenating peach facial!. You’ll love your skin even more now.

Beauty Blogging Junkie has partnered with Three Custom Color to provide 25 readers with TCC’s new Watercolours for Cheeks in Wallflower, a dewy beige. Click here for more info on how to enter.

If you’re a Bobbi Brown makeup fan (and who isn’t?) Beauty411 has the latest on new Bobbi Brown palettes!

MissWhoever-You-Are has found out how you can get a free tote YSL tote during Fashion Week. No Joke!

Wondering about Fall’s Makeup Trends? Learn how apply a Pretty Power Pout like the pros on A Mom in Red High Heels.

Thought hair mousse was just an 80′s trend? Think again. Daily Dose of Coffee tries out one of the most interesting hair mousses ever: Sebastian Whipped Creme.

Product Girl shows you how to make your own lipstick palette and it’s easy as pie!

Don’t miss out on your chance to win the entire line of Sera Anti-Aging skincare products over at Beauty in Real Life.

Chocolate lipliner? Sounds good, looks great! See it at Glossypink!

The Beauty Alchemist hits drugstore paydirt with Jergens Renew Lotion.

LashBlast had better watch her back. There’s a new voluptuous lash in town, and she’s wearing Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara. The creamy formula and six-sided brush took Spoiled Pretty‘s lashes up, up and away!

Butterfly Diary reviews the luxurious collection by Sultana de Saba whose Body Karite Butter and Honey Mask will make Cleopatra wish she had been reborn. Check it out here.

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Giveaway: Tricia Sawyer “Clearly Pretty” Lip Gloss!

We originally reviewed this lip gloss here, and let me tell you, I cannot bear to be parted from it.If any of you know me, you’ll know I don’t wear gobs of makeup and what I do wear, I’m fiercely loyal and devoted to it. But Tricia Sawyer’s “Clearly Pretty” Color Revealing Lip Gloss has me hooked like the ganja.

The gloss is clear, and works to bring out your own lips’ true colors. Sound like hoi polloi? You have to try it. Like Lindsay addicted to Sam, you’ll be sold. Just as no two thumbprints are alike, no two women will have the same exact shade. How unique is that!

The gloss leaves a pretty shiny stain on your lips and is activated by your own body heat.

We’re giving away FIVE OF THESE to our dear readers. Just leave a comment below to be entered into the drawing, which expires in a week.

Tricia Sawyer’s Clearly Pretty retails for $18.

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CAMP Vamps it Up

We’re tired of seeing actresses fronting cosmetics lines. How stupid do beauty companies think we are? Does L’Oreal expect us to believe that Diane Keaton wears its Age Perfect Skin Supporting & Hydrating Makeup off-camera? What’s worse is that some of these lovelies aren’t even wearing the makeup they’re hawking when they’re on-camera. L’Oreal recently landed in hot water when it was discovered that Penelope Cruz, who appeared in an ad for its Telescopic Mascara, was actually wearing fake eyelashes. L’Oreal called it standard industry practice. We call it outrageous.

So it was a breath of fresh air when cult cosmetics company CAMP recently signed New York celebrity transsexual Amanda Lepore to promote a cosmetics line created exclusively for her. (This company doesn’t call itself CAMP for nothing.) A cult hero to people from all walks of life, Lepore is known for working with fashion houses Dior, GUESS, and Heatherette, in addition to acting as a creative muse for famed photographers David LaChapelle and Justin Monroe, and singer-songwriter Boy George. She was also recently seen starring in a Girl In a Coma’s music video for “Road To Home.”

Lepore is the first transsexual to have her own cosmetics collection, which we welcome with open arms. It injects some much-needed fun and humor into makeup, while sending the message that women of all variations and persuasions can be beautiful. Think of it as Dove’s “Real Women” campaign with a tranny twist. We have it on good authority that Lepore adores her namesake line and only wears CAMP products.

“To us here at CAMP, it is not about gender,” company founder Michael Perich explains. “It’s about being true to yourself and having fun in the process… I’m breaking conventional rules and that’s why the world is taking notice of CAMP… We get orders from all over the globe on a daily basis from word of mouth.”

“Collection Lepore” is available now for $80, exclusively through CAMP Cosmetics at and the official Amanda Lepore website, The limited collection includes a signature red lipstick called Lepore Red, Lepore Champagne for the cheeks and an eye palette named Lepore Metamorphosis. The full collection will land on counters from New York to Vegas to London and Hong Kong in early 2009.

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Blissful Salvation

The person who coined the phrase “less is more” was clueless about beauty addicts. Since so many people now have “walk in closets” of makeup (okay, perhaps not in New York, but somewhere out in CA you do), it’s really hard to remember what you have…and where you’ve placed them.

I’ve heard of people misplacing their lippie in their freezer along with the morning waffles and then scrimmaging through their medicine cabinet trying to find it (only to find maple syrup there instead). Or shoving their cell phone into the same drawer they keep their pet’s medicines in and spend the entire day hunting for both the phone and pet…

But these are digressions that only a girl with too many products and a vetted scatterbrain has experienced; so we were relieved when Bliss took minimalism to a whole new level with their “Problem Salved 20 in 1 Wonder Balm.”

The powerful and emollient stick tames flyaways, cures chapped skin (except lips), soothes mild nicks and burns and moisturizes cuticles. There’s also some talk that it will pay off your mortgage (stay tuned on that one).

It is also a lean and mean eyebrow grooming tool. Made with an anti-irritant complex and mango butter, kukui nut oil and tea tree oil, this little tool is pretty much all you need when you brave the forests of Costa Rica in those shorts and tee.

Have a bad case of the Poison Ivy? No worries, just whip up the little tube. Got a bug from the kid down the street? Well, this tool can’t technically help you with that, but can soothe your red, runny, Rudolphe-esque nose.

It’s already in my purse, how’s that?



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Fit for the Queen of Sheba

(from left to right, Body Lotion with Shea Butter, Karite Butter, Honey Mask, Nourishing Body Oil)

When you’re down in the dumps and you feel like giving your ex a black eye, remember the inner princess in you. It’s so easy to behave like a peasant and cave into catfights and karate moves.

If you are ever in doubt about your inner princess, you need to get a hold of some of Sultana de Saba products. No matter how terrible your mood maybe (okay, fine, take that Prozac), or how awful your day has been (yes, the cabbie really had no right to yell at you), a few encounters with masterpieces like the Honey Mask, Body Milk, rich Karite Butter (my fave) and Rassoul will make you forget about that black eye or cat fight in a split Sultan second.

Sultana de Saba has an amazing following in Europe, and is worshipped by the European press. It has spas in Belgium, Luxembourg and Pays Bas and the treatments would make Cleopatra wish she had been reborn.

The products are made exactly the way the Queen of Sheba and the Sultanas used to, around 3,000 years ago. Antiquated, you might say? But honestly, why reinvent the past when it was so darn good? I could not pry my hands off the body milk and karate butter jars…

So, what can you turn to when the going gets rough?

Voyage des Iles Hair & Body Oil: a journey in liquid gold. With tiare blossoms and aloe vera that make this moisturizing oil a sensual experience. $78.

Body Lotion with Shea Butter: One of my faves. Formulated with shea butter and coconut milk, this can be your daily staple. Comes in Amber, Ayurvedic, Jasmine and Orange Blossom fragrances. $48.

Karite Shea Butter: a thick no-nonsense jar filled with butter for the body or hair. $62.

Nourishing Body Oil: This bottle can be used on the body or hair and is filled with natural essential oils. $62.

Honey, Rose & Ginger Mask: For soft, baby skin that smells and feels like a rose. It has essential oil of Syrian rose. $45.

Black Soap Exfoliator: Made from crushed organic Moroccan olives, this black soap is blended with eucalyptus oil and is chock full of vitamins. $48.

The products are made without parabens and they use pure essential oils. Please remove them from the kitchen lest someone mistake the pure oils for some aromatic cooking oil. And go to BeautyCafé.com which exclusively sells this amazing brand in the United States.


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FREE Lisa Hoffman Night & Day Cream

Fridays don’t get much better than this (unless you’re having breakfast in bed and getting laid).

A $75 value cream from Lisa Hoffman Skincare is available to readers absolutely free! Here’s what you have to do:

1. Send an email to
2. Make sure the subject line reads “Friend”
3. Include your name, email address and shipping address for each person receiving the complimentary Day Cream
4. For each Day Cream they ship, Lisa Hoffman Skincare will include a note to your friend that says he or she has been personally requested to receive the complimentary Day Cream.

As with everything in life, offer is valid while supplies last.

The Day Cream is from the Lisa Hoffman Night & Day Skincare collection and is a lightweight moisturizer made with advanced anti-aging ingredients and beautiful natural. Richly hydrating ingredients plump the skin with moisture, thereby boosting radiance and diminishing the appearance of dehydration lines.

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See reviews Top 23 “As Seen on TV” Skin Products

Find out which acne fighters, anti-aging creams and moisturizers are worth the shipping and handling fees

Admit it: On nights you can’t sleep you may stay up watching infomercials or checking out what Suzanne Somers is hawking on the Home Shopping Network. After an hour or so, those products all start to sound pretty great. But which ones are really worth picking up the phone for? readers bravely ordered and found out. Check out their favorite “as seen on TV” skin care products. …More

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No French Fries in French Lick!

There are many detox retreats throughout the country, but one of the best is in French Lick, Indiana, near the heart of the Midwest, a.k.a., Heart Attack Alley.To get the most out of your experience, I recommend binging on potatoes, and cheese, and potatoes covered in cheese, and when you can no longer pry your stomach loose from below the steering wheel, head on over to Detox Oasis.

As a complimentary service they keep on hand the Jaws of Life. Detox Oasis is a strong proponent of wheat grass and liquid meals, and nature, and nightly movies about wheat grass, and walks through the woods where you can see Robins and Blue Jays eating succulent, tantalizing worms, where you might witness a murder of crows tearing apart a rotting carcass and you think to yourself, sipping your wheat grass smoothie, “how can I get some of that?” Truly for anyone lacking the will power to “DROP THAT LAST FRENCH FRY!”

Detox Oasis is the gentle drill master to whip you into shape, at least until the next high fructose, highly saturated backslide.

$1500 or more per week. Visit